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      Carolyn N

      Hi Gillian. I’m wondering just how far to go with times and plans, for example including menus and a plan for a whole week? One of my problems in the past has been trying to stick to menus (from diet clubs) but I didn’t know then what I know now. Being in shielded lockdown has meant getting food in for a whole week rather than shopping more. I don’t want to go into restrictive compliance but neither do I want to go into the seefood approach. Thoughts welcome!

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      When you use “Times” and “Plans” as tools I’ve described, you choose them as you go along.

      Many people shop once for the whole week, but it will be better to continue to manage your feelings of desire for all that food in the house than to try to stick to a menu you’ve already decided on.

      If you do need to decide on certain foods for certain days, keep that flexible and somewhat vague until you are closer to preparing and eating it when you drill down to the particular Time and Plan.

      Otherwise, a sense of denial of choice (loss of freedom) can more easily creep in.

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      Julie Mann

      I’ve experienced that feeling of a denial of choice when my plans are too rigid for sure.

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