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      Hello Gillian and everyone I once heard how you do one thing is how you do everything. This morning whilst listening to module 2, I realised that the way I eat – doing it all perfectly and then rebelling and not doing it at all as i cant keep it up is also the way I do my work and the way I spend money ! so I feel this will help me in a lot of areas not just over eating. I feel calmer already knowing that I DO have control over all these areas – I have started today in all 3 areas to think about the outcomes if I choose to over eat , over spend etc and I’m really liking that I have a choice – it’s up to me. I can do it if I want to but I’d prefer not to have the outcome so I’ll just leave it for now it feels much calmer, which is great – let’s hope I can keep this up as it’s early days and I’ve just started the course .

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      Good to read this happy post, Emma.

      Your concern about keeping going with all of this is entirely understandable and will of course be covered as we go along.

      What I’d say for now is for you to remember for yourself that you had this positive reaction to learning about freedom of choice and about including outcomes in those choices you make.

      Some people doing this course like to create a journal for themselves. Writing these things down can be useful at the time and a brilliant resource for you later, to make a connection again with the process.

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      Ruth R

      Thanks for sharing, Emma! I can totally relate.

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