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      Hello Gillian and all:

      My name is MARTA. It´s my second year in Gillian´s course and I hope the last one. Why?? I haven´t really taken a stand. I recognize I have learnt all the tools, attend the course…all makes sense for me. I do really think (as I told once) this course is the MISSING PIECE in my personal binge eating desorder puzzle. But….why I don´t put into practice what I have learnt? My answer is: Beacuse I take the easy route with the excuse “I can, and I choose it for now”….but it´s not my real choice beacuse I later regret. I am not in peace with the outcome. That´s why I am here.
      I received multidispciplinary therapy for 5 years, and I learnt a lot and progressed a lot, but there was a point I get stuck and I made no progress, so my therapist told me to leave it….not being completely recovered of course. She always told me I was capable of overcoming this, but I didn´t want to do the effort. I don´t agree with her at this point, she never explained to me how brain works and lts neuroplasticity and she dind´t consider it as an addiction wich I firmily think it is. However, I feel grateful to my therapist because he tried to help me, and get it in part. I left it.
      I am not a lost case, I think in fact nobody is. I kept searching, reading a lot….and I found Gillian (thanks to an old client of hers). Lucky me!!
      I write this lines in order to introduce myself for those who don´t know me and to tell you I choose TO TAKE A STAND. I don´t want to be hear next year, it´s not necessary as Gillian says to do the course many times. I don´t want to struggle to free myself forever.
      I am 46 and I am stuggling with this since I started my first diet at 14. More than 30 years. But I don´t throw in the towel.

      Thank you for reading me.
      I will share my progresses.
      I really appreciate Gillian and everyone.

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      Hi Marta

      Welcome back. It’s NEVER too late to get serious with this work – I’m just confirming what you’re saying really.

      And, you are in a stronger position now as a result of all the exploring you’ve been doing – some of which worked and some didn’t – but you know more about yourself in relation to the three themes in this course.

      I look forward to hearing about your progress. Remember there will be live webinars over the summer – you can email me a question if you are not able to attend at the time.

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        Maggie C

        Hi Marta,

        You are similar to me. I am trying to take a stand too. I am hopeful we can both get there. I am going to go through the sections again to really get working on the material. I tend to shy away from the tough, hard work and feeling uncomfortable. I am going to try to really feel the emotions and work with them.
        Good luck Marta x

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      Ann C

      Hi Marta!

      I am with you. I too am going to TAKE A STAND for myself.

      I will continue to do the work.

      I will watch the videos again.

      Read the recommended books. (I just got Hardwiring Happiness)

      2021 is going to be OUR YEAR! ❤️

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      Sophia G.

      Hi Ann,

      I’m reading Hardwiring Happiness. I’m only a short way into it, but the main technique (i think it’s the main technique, as I haven’t read much) is amazingly unbelievably simple and really really effective. Perhaps I shouldn’t rave, but really it’s so good.

      Why doesn’t everyone tell us all about it? It’s so simple and obvious, it can’t be new to humanity..

      Glad you’re on to it too..

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      Cyndi B.

      Thanks for the intro, Marta, and for sharing your “ALL-IN” energy.

      Your words remind me of the long road I went down trying to eradicate or FIX my incessant hunger, and I feel both frustrated and grateful for what I gleaned during the hours upon hours of studying nutrition and metabolism, literally over 1,000 hours since 2013. Perhaps like your therapy path, I can appreciate what I learned and especially in understanding the limits of such paths- that is, how psychology and nutrition info. support but are not THE key to the issue, at least in my case. Like you, I’m acknowledging the reality of habitual over-eating being addiction.. and valuing approaching it as such. MY STAND is actually not to eradicate addictive desire (AD)- I don’t think I can control feelings. My focus with EACH AD is to become more able and skilled to abide WITH it.. to become desensitized to impulses to make it go away. That’s where I am now.

      btw, Gillian and forum friends~
      I always welcome your thoughtful comments, input and just reading about your experiences in response to my words here, whether I explicitly type your name or not.

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      Thank you all very much!!

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