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      Penny B

      I was feeling really itchy with this question when I came to it (again) today (I’ve been answering the question daily as suggested). I realised that I didn’t want it to be an ‘IF’ I want it to be a ‘WHEN’! I don’t want any doubt in my mind that at some point I will consistently own my choices about what I eat! So.… being a REBEL that’s the question I’m aiming to answer tomorrow and on until Sunday unless Gillian you advise otherwise….
      It has been interesting answering this question on a new page each day – I have had different and more interesting answers today than yesterday, for example, and I do think If I’d read yesterday’s answers first i’d have got stuck with them.
      thanks Gillian – once again, interesting and mind-shifting!
      Penny x

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      It’s very good to see you are doing this exercise. It’s very powerful as I think you’re seeing and it will take you a long way. Also useful in the longer term, just to connect with all of it again.

      I’m not sure it’s helpful, though, to aim for consistently owning choice – or consistently doing much of what I’m teaching. I suggest you aim to own your choices more often, perhaps most of the time, while allowing for the possibility of mistakes and lapses of awareness.

      It’s much more realistic and do-able – and is all you really need to do in order to get the results you want.

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      Penny B

      Thank you Gillian. Really interesting… and a relief from pressure!

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      Yes what a great reminder thanks penny and Gillian!

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