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      Anne Marie

      Gillian, I really loved the image you showed on one of the later videos that had a woman in the row boat rolling down the river in between chaos and rigidity. Do you have a JPEG image of that that you could share with me or here on the group?

      I would like to put it on my fridge as a reminder. I’m a very visual person.

      PS. I have a red pen and a black pen setting in our kitchen table and when I look at them, I remember the exercise in choice that you led in the last Q&A video. That’s how visual I am!!

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      Anne Marie,

      I got that image from here: – scroll down to close to the bottom of it.

      I love that you put those pens on your table.

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      Anne Marie

      Oohhh… thank you Gillian! 🙏

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