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      Sheelagh M

      Hi Gillian, on the webinar tonight you spoke about the effect refined carbs and sugar foods, like biscuits etc have on your body ie fatty liver disease, diabetes etc… this was so interesting. Is there any reading available in the course material on this? I think it would help by reminding me WHY I am choosing not to eat a particular food/eat less of it, in particular in the situation when I don’t experience an immediate bad physical feeling after eating refined carb/sugar. Thanks

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      To a significant degree, the solution you’re looking for is inside you. I can point you in a direction but you are the only one who can make your journey.

      I encourage you to stop looking outside of yourself for some answer that’s going to solve this puzzle.

      Yes, information on nutrition can be useful – but absolutely not at all if you aren’t in touch with your own process; moving forward on issues such as motivation and free choice.

      I spent some time in the introductory webinar explaining that I wasn’t going to tell you WHAT to eat, but HOW to eat less. It will be best for you to develop that skill first, Sheelagh.

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      Sheelagh M

      Okay yes I see what you’re saying, thanks Gillian

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