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      Dear Gillian,

      I watched the mindset videos today and it was revelatory. What I loved were 2 things from your personal sharing that really impacted me a lot. One was your story about how you used to eat pizza, and gradually reduced how often you ate it. Another was sharing how, when you went through tough times, you at least had the fact that you weren’t overeating to keep you stable.

      Regarding your pizza story, I realise that I have actually been doing that with the wine and crisps. While I’ve been beating myself over the head for being a failure, for still consuming them to excess at times, I have been doing exactly that – saying to myself, “no, I don’t think I’ll have those tonight.” and very gradually reducing my frequency. I’m not there yet (and I still have my Wednesday night cue to deal with) but it helped me to see what it looks like to be applying theses ideas, and realise that what I’m doing is at least heading in the right direction even if I’m not there yet.

      Regarding your other sharing, that helped me a lot as I’m going through some very tough life challenges right now. It’s so easy to give the excuse “oh well, this, that and the other has happened to me and that’s why I’m stuffing my face.” I can only imagine that it will help me to get through my current challenges if I’m saying to myself – “at least I’m not overeating on top of everything else I am dealing with.”

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Nicola x

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      Hi Nicola,

      I too have some challenging circumstances and yes to be able to say I’m going through them but not over eating on top is definitely an inspiring thing! Hang in there, you will do this. x

      I was just looking at the exercise 5;5 and you mentioned its good to hear how others have applied the ideas in practice. Well I don’t know if this is helpful but I bought myself a nice notebook and have taken notes from each video session of the key points, so I’ve got it all written down week by week in a simple way, I find it really useful to read over sometimes.
      And then I made a list of non weight motivators which I keep by my bed and look at every morning when I wake up.
      Also when I wake up and throughout the day I recite a little mantra…I am free to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. And If I choose to leave an AD unsatisfied I am doing it to gain some benefits, And Im only choosing for now. I am free to overeat later if I choose.

      And downstairs in the kitchen I’ve 3 little lists about motivation, choice and desire that help me if I feel an urge to eat unnecessarily.
      And I even made like a little card of how to work through AD and WHY I am doing this, that I take when I go to look after my Dad (which is a big cue for me).
      This may sound a bit OTT to some but it works for me…

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      Hi Lucy,

      Thank you so much for sharing your tips, that’s all extremely helpful. I too bought a pretty notebook and have made extensive notes from all the webinars. What I haven’t done though, is to chunk it down into the little messages, affirmations etc. I will definitely do the same!

      I also really appreciated Gillian’s “What? Why? How?” suggestion from yesterday’s webinar which I thought was utterly brilliant. I feel like I’ve been absorbing and absorbing and absorbing all the information and then just feeling swamped with it, but all these suggestions really do help, simple though they may seem.

      I also realise, as I said in my post above, that I’ve been making headway (albeit slowly) that I haven’t really recognised, because I’ve been expecting perfection!

      Keep up the good work yourself and stay in touch on the forum!

      Nicola x

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      Morning Nicola,
      Yes I thought the webinar was brilliant yesterday, thank you Gillian! The perfection and all or nothing themes really struck a chord….heres to some imperfection! X

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