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      Georgia H

      Hi Gillian,
      The webinar yesterday about intrinsic motivation was very helpful. It explains why having a non-weight motivation is so important! It’s fascinating to think that weight loss is extrinsic, based on other people’s approval and numbers on a scale. But intrinsic motivation is based on how I feel and my goals for myself, like having less joint pain and feeling more energetic.

      It’s interesting to me to think about how that correlates with having free choice. The rules mentality would be extrinsic, but knowing I have the freedom to choose would give me intrinsic motivation because I can do what I want!

      I’m thinking the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations must use different parts of the brain. I know that dopamine is involved with seeking reward. Maybe the intrinsic motivation comes from the prefrontal cortex?

      Thank you so much for your thorough answer to my question about how to manage seeing a nutritionist. Your answer was very helpful and was exactly what I was looking for about what kind of mindset to have going in. I picture it like being in the ocean with a huge wave of rules coming towards me. I can allow the rules to pass over me without staying under them and being drowned by them! I really appreciate all your help!

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      Thanks for this, Georgia.

      It’s good for me to hear back about the Self-Determination Theory presentation. Those researchers have published a paper about free choice and I’ll talk about that in our next Q&A.

      Not sure about the neuroscience behind this theory of motivation. It’s certainly complex and I don’t know how much of this (if any at all) has been studied with regard to addiction of any kind.

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      Sophia G.

      That was really interesting, and useful – your presentation about Intrinsic vs Extrinsic. It’s great to see that separate research, confirming what we’re doing here. And it says the same thing in a different way, which is good too. Thanks very much for putting it out to us Gillian. Yes, addiction complicates things – but it still rang true and confirms what you already know from your/our experiences. I look forward to hearing more in the next Q and A, as you were saying above.

      As it sounds like you’d like feedback about your presentation – I found it really clear, and easy to understand the points you made, plus when you said about how it ties up with/is the same as what we are already encouraged to do. It all made good sense to me, and you were definitely clear.

      Thanks very much :-))

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      Thanks to you too, Sophia, for letting me know that the info on self-determination theory was helpful.

      I will be adding a bit more at the start of our next Q&A.

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