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      Sophia G.

      Hi everyone, I’m Sophia. I’m new to this Course, tho I have encountered Gillian’s work, which I’ve tried on and off a few times, and very much thought I’d found the ‘Way’, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to actually say No enough, in the past when I tried before. I realise now that I wasn’t intense enough about talking to myself about it. I didn’t do it enough. These things take time sometimes, don’t they. And I feel different this time. It’s taken me many years to get to this point. Already I am (at the moment) more in control than I’ve been for many years. I picked up Gillian’s Eating Less book again a few weeks ago, and got myself a new pristine copy. Then I read it and started doing it. But then I found I just couldn’t bring myself to read it again. So this course is going to be a life saver for me, I think. I’m finding it relatively easy to watch the videos, not struggling to watch them. I wonder, who else is new to this course, who is here? And how many like me who’ve tried this ‘method’ of changing attitude before like me, and are now finding like me that we’re in a space where I think I can really do it this time? And I’m now in my 60’s, and it feels like really I should be able to do it now, it’s not exactly Now or Never, not at all, but there’s something of that in there. I live alone so I’m lucky as I haven’t got to consider family members in cooking meals etc. One of my main issues is that I work shifts. This doesn’t help as one week I frequently get up at 3.30 in the morning, and the next week I’m getting up at 9 and not getting to bed till well past midnight. This doesn’t help really. However it seems to me that despite my shifts, this Method/attitudes should still be very effective and the shifts shouldn’t really be an issue. I hope not, anyway. It’s just that I end up with a long day and so easy to fit in 4 or more mealtimes just because of the long day, apart from the fact that like most? of us I really want to eat non stop all the time anyway. Good luck, everybody. x

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      Jasper G.

      Hi Sophia, like you I am new to the course but have also read Gillian’s book Say goodbye to Overeating. I am aware of the concepts, it is a lot to take in and process. I think changing thinking and mindset takes time and practice. I’m optimistic that a year of applying the concepts should help to get it lodged into the brain 🙂

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      Hi Sophia & Jasper.

      I am a newby too, so pleased to meet you 🙂

      I too have read the book a few times but I have never really managed to tie all the concepts together. I am sure this course will help us and give us a much clearer understanding.
      Look forward to working with you.
      Lesley x

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      Georgia H

      Hi I’m new here too. I saw Gillian on a podcast that I follow with Judi Cho and after that I started watching everything I could find on YouTube with Gillian and then ordered her book, eating less. It arrived on January 24 and I devoured it. Pun intended! Then I got her book on willpower and ditching diets and have read all three. This is a very novel concept to me that I can be the one in charge of what I eat instead of following somebody else’s rules. Also I’m aware that I seem to be highly addictible and the addictive desire I experience is powerful. Because of the addiction aspect I have been using more of a 12 step approach, So I’m really curious about finding out how to deal with this desire that so many people claim to be “powerless” over.

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      Sheelagh M

      Hi Sophia and everyone. I have done Gillians course in the past, one in person, the other online, but I was dealing with other addictions at the time so couldn’t give it my full focus. I did lose weight though in the couple of months after doing it, it really did change my mindset initially! But as I say I couldn’t give it my full attention to continue the mindset work at that time. I feel really ready to give it my all now, and stay in it for the long game. I already feel like I’ve had a shift after completing the week 2 course work as I’ve realised clearly that I have developed a prohibitive mindset around avoiding foods that give me significant physical symptoms. I am feeling completely deprived and not realising I’m actually choosing not to eat them! And I feel much clearer on the fact that it is the weaving of this sense of free choice into the way we think about food, and repeating it again and again, that creates the big change… that feels like I’m ‘hearing’ it for the first time 🙂

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      Judith K

      Hello All,

      I’m a newbie as well. I have listened to Gillian’s CD a gajillion times in my car and I’ve also read her book, Eating Less. Both make so much sense to me and I’ve realized I really need the group/Forum access to have the hope I’ll be able to integrate these ideas of motivation and choice for life.

      Been on diets off and on since I was 13 (I’m now 68) so I Know from experience diets don’t work. Gillian’s material just make sense to me. So here’s to integrating her ideas and I hope, once and for all, getting over my obsession with food, the scale, what I weigh and hating my body! Yes, please, what a relief that will be.

      Really encouraged by the client stories of success and relating to everyone’s issues and struggles in this “new group.” Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories, successes, failures; it’s all validating and helpful to me. Judith

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      Shems M

      Hello Sophia and all,

      I am also new here. After many years of yoyo dieting, I read Gillian’s ‘say goodbye to overeating’ in 2010 and found that after a few months I started to really benefit from this approach. I had a whole host of benefits including weight loss. Instead of feeling like I had reached a goal weight or anything like that, I felt like I had always been so healthy and full of energy – as in I didn’t think about weight much anymore and it felt like a calm place to be. I remember that I could eat a slice of pizza sometimes and not see it as a treat nor as a slip up – just another choice. I loved the feeling of being able to leave food on a plate. I attended a workshop in London in 2015 for a refresh and that was great.

      In 2017 and after having my second baby I completely lost my way (in many areas of my life, not just my eating). I got heavily into IF and Keto diets and I think where I went wrong was the amount of pressure I put on myself, while I denied choice and focussed solely on weight. Predictably I lost a lot, then a little while later, gained a lot. I recently decided to come back to this approach to eating which is both sensible and empowering and was delighted to see that Gillian has set up an online course.

      I noticed today that have resisted owning my choices about my eating while I have been overeating the last couple of years. I’m wondering if this comes from a fear of having unsatisfied desire perhaps? Sounds a bit pathetic when I put it like that! I’m looking forward to finding out more in todays webinar.

      Look forward sharing our journeys together on here in the coming weeks.

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