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      Hi Gillian

      I have been on a rollercoaster over the last 10 days and am not quite sure where I am at the moment! I am wondering if this is a similar theme to the one I posted in July about Eating in Anger?

      To give a bit of background, I have a special birthday coming up in 4 weeks time and completely out of character I decided to get a dress made for me (it’s not as grand as it sounds ). Anyway that was 12 weeks ago so I think just before I started the course.

      So the day dawned (10 days ago) that I went to try it on and I think I thought I may have lost some weight so wasn’t worried about the fitting and yes it fitted but OMG it looked absolutely dreadful.

      So following that experience several things happened:

      1. I realised that although I had stopped dieting I had probably given myself too much leeway the other way so I don’t think I had lost any weight (so this was probably a good thing and a wake up call?)
      2. I really focused on eating less (or was it dieting?) and ended up overeating on 3 different occasions.
      3. I ordered over 15 different dresses to replace the original and had to accept I wasn’t the size I had thought I was(larger not smaller)
      4. Because of 3 above, the inner critic came to the fore and was at times overwhelming.

      So I am not sure where to go from here, I am not magically going to lose weight in 4 weeks BUT I need to regroup and focus back on the relevant elements of the course – and wondered what you suggested.



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      Hi Gillian

      I have just seen your email about the webinar date and thought I would repost to this thread I started. Following the above post I then went through an extremely busy (mentally and physically) time at work and didn’t eat during the day for 3 days, purely because there was no time. Although I ate in the evening the result was that I did lose weight and the dress I have now chosen fits which is great news.

      However what I am aware of now is still a tendency to overeat – almost as if I am rewarding myself for having got through this time at work.

      I just need to regroup I feel but not sure where to start.

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      Hi Sally – Sorry I missed your post on 26th; I just didn’t see it.

      Where you start is to consider our three themes:

      Motivation – what else might be at stake other than the size and shape of your body?
      Choice – can you recreate a sense that you are free to continue to overeat?
      Desire – Are you able to notice your addictive desire to eat before you buy or prepare or eat the food?

      Of course there are the videos to review as well; maybe look through the titles and see what jumps out at you.

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      Dear Gillian

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply. Thanks for your suggestions and I will revisit these sections I also saw the link to the meditations you had posted on Elena’s post – they look so relevant!

      I have two weeks break coming up and am planning to revisit the videos and slides when I have this downtime – I found that during this intensive period at work, everything else pretty much went out the window. And that (i.e, everything going out the window) is something I plan to address prior to the next busy work time) so I am in a more mindful state.

      Thanks as always for your reply and insight.



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