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      Karen M

      Gillian, just had an interesting thought process. I’ve had quite an active day. I had a nice lunch so I’m not hungry. However, it’s just before 5pm and I looked at the clock and thought: I’ll just sit down for a bit watch tv & knit then I’ll start thinking about tea 5.30/6ish. As soon as I put a time on it my mind switched from not hungry to what can I eat now. I’m not eating as I’m not hungry and I don’t need anything but it really shocked me how quickly the thought of wanting to eat kicked in as soon as I’d put a time into place. It feels really odd now, a sort of empty feeling as if something is missing and I feel restless! Working through it. K

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      Yes, that’s addictive desire.

      Good to notice that.

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      Cyndi B.

      Hope you don’t mind me replying here, Karen; your question touches on something that Gillian offered early on in the course that has been helpful to me for dismantling my understanding and credence I give to hunger cues. In your question you said you had a busy day, and Gillian wrote (in the ebook I think), how modern stress / just normal modern living affects limbic hunger cues. I used to think that if I wasn’t hungry, then by all means don’t eat… very much along the trope “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full.” 🙄. I now understand better that my hunger (addictive desires / food expectations) are ancient anachronistic cues, i.e. well meaning but a bunch of phooey in our modern food manipulated and abundant times.
      Something I’ve been noticing and playing around with this week: how I respond to hunger when it’s there… and when it’s not there. So if it’s been a busy day and several hours since lunch and you plan on eating an evening meal (tea?), maybe eat just because it makes sense even if not really hungry.. and if hunger comes knocking later, it’s easier to identify it as nonsense because you’ve already eaten.. and know better.

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      Karen M

      Thanks for confirming, Gillian.
      Thanks for your insight Cyndi. I understand what you’re saying. I was just really surprised at how quickly I felt hungry when I knew I wasn’t seconds before. A lot of my over eating issues stem from eating ‘when I should’ rather than when I need to and never letting myself feel hungry. Its a slow process but some interesting thoughts are popping up.

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      Thank you, Karen, for describing it so well, very helpful for me.

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