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      Hi Gillian/everyone.

      I started my first course in Feb but unfortunately I didn’t complete it for (various reasons). However, I am really happy to be back again and hoping to make it to the end this time.

      It’s nice to connect with you all again.

      Lesley x

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      Welcome back Lesley. I don’t come on much these days, but still pop in occasionally to check out articles and Gillian’s wise words of course. Happy to say that I’m in a good place with my eating, about 2 years in since I first attended the online course, and am pretty much where I want to be. Best wishes on your journey.

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      Hi Lesley,

      Excellent that you’re back at the start of a new course. Our Webinar for Week 1 is now on the May Dashboard, so you can catch up if you weren’t there live yesterday.

      May I suggest reviewing the content for Week 1, and then Week 2 by next weekend.

      Let me know if you have any questions. If you haven’t found it already, a click on ‘Course’ in the top menu bar will take you to the May 2021 course.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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