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      Brittany Weiler

      Hi Gillian, a question for you–perhaps this is something you’ll cover with the next topic of addictive desire. I feel like I am okay at times with giving myself choice and owning the choice. For example, I told myself earlier this week, “I can eat these cookies and ice cream, or I can wait and eat them later or not at all.” I truly did know I had the choice, and I chose to eat them. Later I felt like I’d “failed” because I’d chosen to eat them when I felt that I “shouldn’t.” I guess I don’t understand how to handle times when I chose a choice that I felt like I should regret because I know it wasn’t a nutritious option, but I wanted that option anyway. Not sure what to do then. Hope that makes sense??

      Another question about gluten–you’ve mentioned a few times on the webinar that you don’t eat gluten, and I know in the Eating Less book you mention feeling that wheat, sugar, etc. are not good for the body. These ideas, while very familiar to me, immediately make me worry that “the other shoe will drop” and I will really have to cut back on these foods in order to be free of my addictive desires. Then I feel deprived and resentful. Any ideas on how to handle this?

      Thanks so much!

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      Brittany, yes, you’re right about this being about addictive desire, which we’ll cover next. It’s also about motivation in that you could ask yourself if there was any downside for you in eating the cookies and ice cream – other than you thought you shouldn’t do that. The answer will always be a matter of degree and making your best guess at how much and how often to eat food that isn’t nutritious. It could be that the sense of ’shouldn’t’ comes from thinking you must be perfect… all-or-none?

      Notice “have to” here in “I will really have to cut back on these foods…” This is what creates your feelings of deprivation and resentment. How you handle it is to challenge your denial of choice.

      There will be more about all of this to come.

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      Brittany Weiler

      Yes, that makes sense. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to learning more!

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