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      Carolyn N

      Hi Everyone
      I really enjoyed the Q&A last night and have signed up for the next 3.It helped me make two decisions.
      1. I used to weigh myself weekly (and judge myself). I’m not doing that now
      2.I find IF (Intermittent Fasting) helpful but I know I have used it as a controlling method in the past because I’ve felt Ive got to do this EVERY DAY! So now I’m going to try it out Just for one day and maybe tomorrow I wont try it out. Thats my change, Just for today…

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      Gen S

      Your decisions really resonate with me Carolyn. I totally agree about IF – that is exactly the mindset I have to be really careful not to fall into. ‘From now on I will never eat breakfast’ etc. Whereas deciding on the day is so much less rules based and stressful.

      I’ve also stopped weighing myself daily which I don’t even miss much now it’s no longer such a strong habit!

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      Gen S

      I have just tried to sign up for the next Q&A sessions by clicking the red bar saying CLICK HERE, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Gillian is there something I am doing wrong or another way to sign up? Thanks!

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      Thanks for letting me know, Gen. It’s working now.

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      Gen S

      Thanks, all registered!

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