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      Penny E

      Hi everyone,
      This is my second time around for this course. I started the course in May. It made so much sense to me but I was in a time of my life where I now realise adding anything new or trying to absorb and implement new techniques was tricky. However looking back I did learn and implement more than I first thought. I sadly tho did stray away and get caught up in the shiny bright world of Weight Watchers and looked at intuitive eating online courses and some binge eating courses. I think I wanted an easy answer, apps, good and bad foods listed out for me, success stories. I wanted to be part of something and I wanted the accolades and success badges to show me how well I was doing. In the back of my mind I knew I just had to come back here but part of me just didnt want to. I was tired and working very hard in my cafe. I was tired of continued lockdowns and worrying about my business, my family, my friends and the world in general. I knew the September course was starting up but I didnt know when. Then I started to see in my inbox, emails that you were all starting to write in the forum again. I ignored the first few but then I started to read them. I logged on to start to read the replies. I then listened to Module 1 again this week and the webinar. I feel so much better already and am prepared now to do the work and come back. I have had the oppertunity to sell my cafe and have now retired and it is my 60th birthday today so I feel I am now at a time in my life where I really really want to do this. So a big hello from Melbourne Australia and a big thank you for writing on the forum. 🙂

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      Lulu W

      Hi Penny. I am in Brisbane, Australia and enjoyed your post and your self reflection. Big congratulations on your 60th birthday!! I hope you’ve done some good celebrating this weekend despite lockdown. Fantastic also the milestone of selling your cafe. Many years ago I owned a cafe, so I know how much work they are and I can’t imagine how you have coped with lockdown.

      I have new to this course, and very much enjoying it so far – it is changing the way I think about food and keen for the new lessons to be released each week. The live call is in the middle of the night, but I eagerly await the recording.

      I look forward to going through this course with you Penny. Best wishes. Lulu

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      Penny E

      Hey Lulu,
      Thanks so much for your birthday wishes. This is my second lockdown birthday and they are tough but also quirky and fun. And yes hospitality is hard work. I am happy to be out of it now.
      Its great that you are enjoying the course. I get so much out of the live webinars but like you I watch the recording as the time difference makes it hard to go live. Its great that we can email our questions.
      Its great to meet you.
      Penny xx

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