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      Ann C

      I was unable to attend Sunday’s Q and A where my question was answered. I listened to the webinar twice over the past few days and I LOVED Gillian’s response to my question ” will these addictive desires” ever go away? Then I listened to week fours webinar about desire and the reasons we are so threatened by these desires!

      It was an ah ha moment for me.

      They won’t go away, it’s a natural thing to desire food. There is nothing wrong with me for having an AD.

      My takeaway is that the volume of my Dad’s MAY eventually not be as loud. And if they pass in 5 or six seconds….I guess I can live with that!

      Since I feel like I have been overweight forever, my goal was to be like a ” normal eater” but the realization is that even people who don’t battle constantly with their weight also get addictive desires and just deal with them!

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      Ann C

      Not my Dad’s… ADs!😂

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      That’s an excellent point about “normal eaters” Ann.

      There’s nothing essentially difficult about thinking you’d like to eat something and then deciding against it.

      But it’s often the case that dieting (or parental pressure or both) gets that thought process bent out of shape, and over years it becomes A Very Big Problem.

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      Renée L

      Love this thread!

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      Ann, what is ‘normal’ eating? For me it may be just a way to criticize myself even more than I do!!!
      You say: “even people who don’t battle constantly with their weight also get addictive desires and just deal with them!”
      Yes, everybody gets AD. I believe that weight is one subject and AD is another subject, related but not the same. I looked at Module 1 again, and I think Gillian clearly separates the weight and non-weight benefits, so that we will learn to detangle the 2 categories and put the weight issues aside.
      In my opinion the weight issue can be much deeper than the AD. At least for me and for many other women( and man!!!) I know. For me it is a way by which I had been measured in my family of origin: thin = worthy, beautiful = worthy. But unfortunately these qualities were never enough, so for me even now, when I go through higher times of stress and I am not happy with myself, I revert to the old fear of “I’ll put weight, or I put weight”…not fun, more in the head than in the body!!!

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