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      Hi Gillian and everyone,

      I just wanted to check in with how things are going. I would say I’m plodding along, meaning that overall, my overeating is decreasing – I am still overindulging, but less frequently. I would say a big change for me is that I’m not beating myself up over it, and I think a huge part of this is really taking on board the idea that this is a learning curve. Until your course, Gillian, it was always “all or nothing” for me regarding my eating. I’m either “on a diet and being good” or “off the wagon and being bad.” That grip has loosened on my mind, and instead it’s a somewhat more relaxed approach that allows for mistakes as part of an ongoing learning curve. I may not be where I want to be at this point, but I am on a curve that leads somewhere exciting! Small steps, but in the right direction. I think that class you did with the image of the mountain really went in and changed something in my mind about this all or nothing approach.

      The other thing to report is that I have started adjusting my eating to “high fat low carb.” What I have done is not to make a dramatic overnight change, but to start bringing in changes one meal at a time. So yesterday I had bacon and eggs for breakfast but a pasta dish for dinner. I’m not trying to do it “perfectly.” Another point you made along the way, Gillian, was to just be curious about our eating choices and to experiment a bit. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Instead of adopting some strict low carb regime I’m just eating a high fat low carb meal now and then and seeing how I feel after it.
      As a side point, it was astonishing how eating bacon and eggs for breakfast made me feel. I felt satisfied without being stuffed and that feeling lasted HOURS! I didn’t want to eat again until about 2.30pm! So there, I’ve learnt something.
      This idea of a learning curve has been instrumental in helping me deal with imperfect eating and giving me hope for an increasingly better relationship with food over the long term.


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      Excellent update, Nicola. Great reading for me, and I hope of interest to others on this forum.

      I know for me, I would never have thought of eating gluten-free unless it had been recommended for arthritis. And I wouldn’t have continued gluten-free if I hadn’t given it a try and found it produced the desired result. Just another example of what you’re doing and discovering.

      And I thought I’d add this resource for healthy fats – keeping in mind it’s my view that this is reliable and that other people will have other opinions (for example, no animal products).

      I think this lady – Dr Cate – know what she’s talking about. IMO.

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      Thank you for that link, Gillian. x

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