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      Gillian, anyone?
      Where do I find the ink to the MP3 ?
      I have had a scout around but can’t find it, everyone says it’s so useful. thanks

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      Carla, it’s in Week 3 at 3.5 on the Dashboard, under the video.

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      Sophia G.

      I hadn’t played the MP3 for a while. Thanks for asking about it Carla as I’ve just played it again. And I’ll re-visit those Week 3 vids. I’d forgotten about feeling the desire in my body so it’s good I re-heard it. I’ve been feeling the Desire when I desire – but maybe in my head a bit too much. Cheers for the reminder..

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      I added “+ mp3” to the title/description on the line 3.5 on the Dashboard, just to make the audio a bit easier to find.

      I meant to do that during the last course, so thanks for reminding me.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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