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      Hi, Gillian and everyone,

      I had a very interesting experience: I listened to 5.2 and everything else on Sunday, when I was in a non-addictive mindset. Then, today, alone after some intense therapy, immersed in an addictive mindset, I listened to it again, and I heard 5.2 in a very different way: it spoke to me more, much more. It seems similar to Working through addictive desire: because I am in the midst of it today, I hear the message of 5.2 better; it talks to the addictive desire that I am experiencing in the moment, while listening, it adds the mindset part to the uncomfortable desire we already learned about; I am able to identify the ‘voices’/mindset of this addictive desire because I am in the midst of it.
      It helped me a lot!!!

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      Cyndi B.

      Corina, Fantastic that you found immediate and relevant support with that video! I think I’ve had a similar novel experience when re-listening for a 2nd time and beyond. I wanted to listen to 5.2 again before replying here… and for sure it is packed. Sounds like you maybe had a few opportunities for those 20+ seconds of awareness for neural change!🌟 I appreciate your thoughts and enthusiasm here as always.

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