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      Hello Gillian and everybody!!

      I had lo leave last Q@A at about 40 minute, but I listened to the replay.
      I have thought about your answer to my question about my long lasting desire (called “the monkey” in Spain, withdrawal symtomps). These are my thoughts (I can be wrong of course, any suggestions or correction are appreciated):

      -Nowadays I have a non-weight motivation (in my case: I don´t want to have bloated minded, low energy levels, heartburn, less family time and less sportime because of tiredness mainly). I don´t weigh myself since nearly 2 years ago but I think I still have “hidden weigh issues” but it does not represent a high percentage.

      -I think I have archieved the concept of choice as well.

      -But the third option you gave me is the one which suits me (I am writing as thinking out loud). I explain it better.
      My frecuent pattern are binges after dinner of fatty and sugary food, sometimes 2 little things and sometimes a continuos snacking from dinner time to bedtime. In this case the amount of this kind of addictive food is large. Although I always have a non restrictive dinner, if I don´t eat anything else, it´s a big difference comparing with the days I decide to snack until bedtime satisfying AD. Does it make sense? Would it be better in my case to plan an amount of addive food after dinner instead of noting?

      I am moving forward now, I attend this course since May 2020 but it is now when I am working actively. Never too late!!

      I am writing down when AD arises, its duration and its thoughts and physical sensations. I don´t have this long lasting desire everyday, other days I have none and it´s great.

      I want to set a 1:1 with you when I come back from holiday but I post it on the forum in case it can be useful for other people.

      Thank you very much in advance


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      Hello Marta!

      it’s always helpful to read other people’s experiences and yours just chimed with me. Just reading through your post, I wonder if there is still some prohibitive thinking in your approach to meals and food generally? I say that because in my own experience, if I feel like bingeing (and indeed if I do binge, as happens sometimes), it is often because somewhere along the line I have denied myself a choice. That might happen because I have read some dietary advice, for example, which I’ve interpreted as ‘rules’. So from that point of view, it would be worth re-visiting the webinar on choice.

      I think you have found your own answer practically, though, as you say you could ‘plan an amount of addictive food after dinner instead of nothing.’ That’s certainly what I often do, and I set a Time as well, maybe 30 minutes or an hour ahead. When the Time arrives, I make a choice then whether to go ahead and eat the addictive food I have planned, or whether to work through the desire. What’s surprising is that very often my interest in the addictive food has waned, and I don’t really fancy it after all. I think that’s quite a common experience, because after we finish a meal, we can expect to continue wanting to eat for a while, especially if it’s a really nice meal! That’s been the way of it for me, anyway, although everyone’s case is different.

      I’ll be interested to hear about your progress; there is certainly a big learning curve and I am still on it myself after 2 years!

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      Hi Marta

      There’s a thread here started by Renee (“Worth a listen”) who shares a link to a half-hour radio interview about dopamine, the brain and addiction. It will very much speak to your struggle here so please do make time for it.

      I’m pleased you want to do another 1:1 with me as there’s so much for me to say about this that will move you on to a better resolution.

      As for your question, “Would it be better in my case to plan an amount of addictive food after dinner instead of nothing?” I wouldn’t want to be making your choices for you. And, I think there is a better way to resolve this which we can speak about on our call.

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      Ok, thank you very much Louise and Gillian. I am moving forward (at least that´s how I feel) after being stuck for years. I have the useful tools but I didn´t put into practice them….until some weeks ago.
      And, of course, I will make time to listen to the link Renée has posted.
      Thank you very much Renée as well. I have some of your posts in my mobile, I found them amazing and very helpul!! Reading you again in the forum made truly me very happy.


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