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      Hello Gillian

      I don’t know if I am losing weight or if I just feel lighter because my body isn’t constantly stuffed with unwanted food. My clothes do feel a bit looser so I think it’s probably a mix of psychological and physical things.
      As I said on the webinar, instead of being delighted as in the past, I’m now feeling quite scared as I notice the old thought patterns – ‘just think how slim you’ll be if you keep this up’ etc. It’s hard not to feel excited about finally losing weight, and without dieting, like a dream come true!

      I did go back to the first session on motivation, which now makes even more sense. The main non-weight benefit for me is the relief from that constant misery of hating my body for being too fat, and myself for not being able to ‘get a grip’. Another is that my knees aren’t at all painful. I’ve also got more energy, and feel lighter as I already said – though it’s hard to disentangle feeling lighter and losing weight.

      I think part of the fear is that although I’m making real progress, I feel like I’m hanging on by my fingernails and will start overeating in a big way like I always did before. I guess this is where I assert my choice?

      With thanks, Jackie

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      Jackie, I can understand your fear that this may not last – because nothing has lasted in the past. Really, only time will tell, but from what I’ve seen, it’s nothing other than staying in line with those Three Themes of Motivation, Choice and Desire. When you do that, it cannot not work! You have this site to remind you of all the details, and the written exercises too.

      In addition, you can always set up a one-to-one with me (Skype, Zoom or FaceTime) and I find it usually only takes one session (one hour) to talk things through and nail any bit that’s missing or misunderstood.

      You have this forum too, and the Q&A webinars, and none of this is going to disappear. This is to help you (and anyone else, of course!) to relax a bit about your future with food. And finally, remind yourself, “SO FAR SO GOOD”.

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