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      Erin H

      While I have been successful at choosing not to eat addictively when I’m feeling pretty good, I really struggle with making good choices once I feel bad (physically or emotionally). I guess that’s probably pretty common and not all that hard to understand!

      I noticed today though, that calling attention to the results (aka consequences- yuck, I hate that word) of any eating that I choose to do or not to do, makes it a lot harder for me to make that bad choice! Before I do any questionable eating I’ve been saying to myself “I’m choosing to eat/not eat this ____ and I will probably feel ____.” But today I couldn’t bring myself to finish the second half of the sentence because I just wanted to give in and I knew I might change my mind if I acknowledged that I would feel worse after eating.

      Overall my progress has been really encouraging, I just wanted to reach out to share and check in.

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      I can really relate to that Erin. I am an emotional eater & I use food to relieve boredom and stress, and to soothe myself if I feel upset by something. One of my ‘consequences’ is that overeating in those situations doesn’t address the root of the problem. I remind myself that eating addictively because I am bored does not remove the cause of the boredom.

      I have found as well that I overeat through habit, and certain situations trigger automatic overeating. It’s been interesting to notice those triggers instead of just mindlessly responding to them by eating.

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      Lisa C

      Erin, Thanks for sharing; I like your statements you’re using to pause you in your tracks and help remind yourself that you really want to make a caring choice for yourself.
      It seems to be very powerful.

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      Thanks Erin to share your experience! Im going to take this note and post it ā€œIā€™m choosing to eat/not eat this ____ and I will probably feel ____.ā€
      Its all about practice…

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      Thanks, Erin. This is helpful to hear others’ experiences.
      I notice I usually overeat due to discomfort, even discomfort of fullness.
      Tonight, when my addictive desire pops up after dinner, I’ll practice thinking “If I eat this entire chocolate bar, I’ll feel stuffed and not able to sleep well.”
      I need to just keep reminding myself that I CHOOSE the way I eat, feel, etc. šŸ˜‰

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