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      Jenny Rocke

      Hi Gillian,

      After much struggle I have finally started to turn around my addictive mindset of ‘I don’t care, I’ll start again tomorrow’. I have started to make some good changes, successfully catching the addictive desire and working through it. But it feels too good to be true – like I can only keep it up for so long and I’m bound to go back to my old ways sooner or later! Any advice about how to deal with this?


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      Yes, Jenny, I do have advice about how to deal with that.

      First of all, accept that you will go back to your old ways sooner or later. Sorry about this, but it’s very helpful to know. Nobody encourages a baby to start walking by assuming they will or should never fall over (I don’t think). Making mistakes is always an essential part of learning.

      Getting back on track is built into the system. What I mean by this is that whenever you are overeating (whatever that means to you) that is a sign you have lost sight of one or more of the Three Themes of Motivation, Choice and Desire. So you check in with yourself to discover where you are with those three themes and that’s how you regain control. As just one example, some people begin to lose weight and get so excited about that, they forget the non-weight motivation. You can, of course, review some of the material on this site or your own notes to assist you with this.

      The key is always to get back on track sooner rather than later.

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