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      Gillian, I don´t remember if this topic has been addressed or if you have said something about this. I would like to know If you recommend keeping a diet log and achievements record.

      I have thought about keeping a record, not only to write down what I have eaten, but also what I would have eaten and I didn´t eat. As if they were achievements of surfing the wave of desire.

      I mean, not to record as an achievement that I didn´t eat an X thinking about the calories that I saved from getting into my body, but the achievement of having a thought or felt like eating X and having passed that impulse/addictive desire. That I was able to do things differently and helping my neurons make new connections thanks to choosing one thing over the other.

      Because sometimes it happens to me that I feel that I do everything wrong, when in reality, objectively, and analyzing all day, it´s not so bad either and yes it could have been worse. So maybe have a record will help me. Sometimes I write in post its the achievement I had, to remember myself that I can do it and in fact.. I do it sometimes.

      For example, I went out with a friend to have dinner tonight, and I didn´t eat the things they give you at first, olives and breadsticks (I just ate 2 olives and half of a tiny breadstick), then I leave food on my plate because It wasnt so good and also because I will had a dessert later. And then, I left part of the dessert.
      The thing is that I was thinking if I was hungry or if I want to eat, and that´s why I left food. Because I was thinking on the outcome.

      So I do not know if writing these things down in a register will help me to gain more and more strength and when it gives me the all-or-none mindset and perfection-mindset, I can check this register/list to see that Im not doing everything bad. To see objectively that I am doing things well.

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      The most important thing is to keep in mind that “good enough” is a worthwhile result. One of the problems with perfectionism (apart from not being able to continue with it) is that it makes you think that anything less than perfect is worthless, so it’s excellent for you to change your mindset about this.

      If keeping any kind of log or journal helps you with that, then by all means do it. The only potential problem with it is if you develop a belief that you cannot be in control of your eating unless you continue to keep the log. So I suggest you aim to keep a log for a while, and maybe not every meal, every day, and that’s okay. Imperfect log-keeping!!!

      It’s also possible that you’ve already learned this lesson? That “good enough” isn’t really all that bad, and that you change question your “all-or-none” mindset whenever you feel that you’ve done “everything wrong” – when in fact you haven’t.

      Maybe you can trust yourself that you know this now?

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      Gillian, you are absolutelly right. “good enough” is a worthwhile result, a very good result.
      And I need to make peace with my imperfection. To feel enough and worthy even Im not perfect.. Because is impossible to be perfect!

      Im gonna try my imperfect-log. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your words, you have the right answer always. At least to me 🙂
      The answer to keep improving, to keep going, to keep trying.
      The answer to be more compassionate with myself and not so hard. And above all, to keep going thinking that I will be able to get out of this.

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      Anne Marie

      Thank you for bringing this up, Guadalupe. I have been doing something similar but I am calling it “evidence that I am eating less “and I keep a small spiral notebook on my kitchen table. I am not so much writing down what I eat, I am just making note of those times when I did eat less at a meal or even in between… And what I do is the next morning before I start the new list, I read over my successes from the day before.

      I started doing this because I’ve been doing really well not eating between lunch and supper which was a big deal for me before, but I hadn’t been doing so well after supper… And I was in a mental spiral of beating myself up and being down On myself.

      Then I remembered that it’s OK to focus on one habit/issue at a time, and it helps me when I start a new day to look at yesterday’s list and the day before that list sometimes, to realize that I really am making positive healthy changes in the way that I’m eatinG, even tho its not 100% like i want it to be

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      Yes Anne Marie, that´s what Im doing also. Its about that: making note of those times when I did eat less at a meal or even in between.
      I write down the things that I do not eat because I think about it, that is addictive desire, not hunger, and I think about the outcomes.
      I write down the moment, the thing I didnt eat and how I feel. Or what did I do to do not eat it. To reinforce it.

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