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      Julie Mann

      Renee, deeply grateful you shared your experience on the webinar about how you were raised, the shame around food/body.
      My mother put me on my first diet at age 11 and as Gillian so compassionately and wisely stated, that programming runs deep and never really goes away.
      However, what is so wonderful, is that with her techniques, we are learning a whole new way of living and even if those old tapes come up, we can see them for what they are, remember we are now free to choose how we want to eat and feel, and we know that addictive desire will pass as long as we let it.
      So grateful to Gillian for these methods and to you for sharing, for our group for the shared experience, etc.

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      Renée L


      I have a lot to say about this…but wanted to send a quick reply to say hello and acknowledge your comment. I will write more later, I promise!

      Hope you are having a great start to your day!

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      Julie Mann

      Renee, thank you and happy to hear from you anytime! Have a lovely day!

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