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      Hi everyone/Gillian,
      In an attempt to get my eating under control in the past I have often used “mindful eating” techniques. I do think my eating has slowed down a little (there is still room for improvement) but the one thing I find really really really hard to do is to leave food on my plate, even if I am starting to feel comfortably satisfied. Is this a beneficial thing to do or should I be happy to plan my meal/snack and then eat it all without having to worry about leaving any over? With many thanks,

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      I don’t see a lot of value in leaving food on the plate.

      What I suggest is to make your Plan, maybe have it all on one plate (although not essential) and it’s fine to clear that plate.

      What’s very helpful is to notice your addictive desire when you’re about to finish that plate. This is the desire for more, like, “hey, I’m not finished, where’s the rest of it?”

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