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      Gillian, that was my awfully long question you answered in the Q&A – your response was helpful and I hope it was of some help to everyone else and that I didn’t just dominate the whole session when other people had things to ask! Picking up on a couple of things, I don’t eat chocolate every day, far from it, and I don’t usually eat such rubbishy “chocolate” either but it’s interesting that when I had what I think was quite a rebellious moment that’s what I went for! Anyway your suggestion of calling it “a sugar snack that happens to be flavoured with chocolate” was really helpful – kind of blindingly obvious when you spelled out the ingredients! – and also your suggestion of going back to the non-physical motivation. I think the trouble with the health-based motivation is that I do absolutely believe that sugar, in particular, is extremely bad for me, but right now I have low cholesterol, a low resting pulse, low BP. So, like weight loss, health and longevity seem distant goals and although I know intellectually that I do not want to get diabetes or have a heart attack in old age, I struggle to connect that (possible) consequence with today’s choices. Integrity, though, that’s an interesting one. I’ve just posted below about trying to help my children to avoid all this, and one of my motivators for eating less is to set them a better example. Consequently when I ate my Mini Eggs I did it after their bedtime. I think the fact that I didn’t want the kids to see me doing it is a pretty strong clue that it was a poor choice – it should be important to protect myself and my health as well as to protect them, shouldn’t it?

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      Spot-on, Alice. Apologies for getting some details wrong about your overeating habits; it’s always tough for me to draw from the info in an email and make accurate guesses about what’s being said.

      I am pleased to spend the time on your question as the quality of food isn’t something I spend a lot of time on in the course itself. Maybe that would be a good idea? I was, of course, speaking to everyone who might watch – either live or on replay – so may be a huge eye-opener for someone.

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