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      Hello Gillian and everyone, I just wanted to share where I am at to see if others relate. Firstly just as a back story, I have prior to this course been following a prohibitive rule based weightloss plan.
      So my pattern for the last few weeks has been to listen to the webinar then take several days while I processed the information before working through the course parts. During that time I’ve rebelled. I have experienced the temper tantrums, the urgent need to satisfy my desire to overeat – mainly on sugary foods. I have fought against the thoughts about being curious or my non-weight motivation reasons. I’ve felt the fear of having to give up foods because I will overeat on them. This last module on addictive desire and how the brain works has been brilliant. I’m a visual learner so now that I’ve read all this on the limbic system and the PRC I can visualise what’s happening when I get the urge to overeat. Up until now I’ve not been challenging my overeating as such other than to say “I can eat this if I want – it’s my choice”. So not really owning the choice even though I know full well there will be consequences to my actions. So yes I’ve been very rebellious. But I’m ready to start getting curious and owning my choices and flipping the switch on the brain pathways. I have a sense of freedom now and I feel because I know what is happening in my brain I can do something about it. I can FREELY CHOOSE & I can FLIP MY SWITCH.
      Thank you Gillian.

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      Happy flip-switching, Mo 🙂

      Or is it switch-flipping?

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      Thanks Gillian😁

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