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      Renée L

      Well…technically this isn’t a post about a news flash, but it does contain the word “flash”!

      Last week it seemed to me that I was forgetting a lot of the material; like REALLY forgetting…as if I had NEVER ever heard of Gillian or taken her course…I think you know what I mean.

      And I thought this was so curious to notice how my brain is so primed to go into auto pilot mode, and when it does, so too, does my behaviors, and thinking…everything!

      Although I have a special notebook totally devoted to EL with all of my detailed notes, as well as print outs of Gillian’s notes and try to spend some time each day reviewing the materials (also before I eat I do a mini-review of the themes–M,C, and D), I decided another way to help keep this material fresh in my mind was to make flash cards that I could keep near my materials when I needed a little “review” and didn’t have a lot of time to review my notes.

      Initially I thought that I would buy index cards and hole punch them and put them on a ring, so I could flip through them, but when I went to the store I found spiral bound index cards! I bought three of them; one for each theme (motivation, choice, and desire) and am in the process of making quick notes in each one, especially the information in the webinars and lessons that resonate most deeply with me. By that I mean after I read it and think about it, it sets my mind straight and “puts my crazy” back in line.

      As much as I’d like to be “fixed”, the truth of the matter is that I need to spend some amount of time each day with this material to keep it fresh in my mind. While I was working on my cards yesterday I thought of the analogy of putting on my glasses or taking medicine—doing those actions help me be the best and most productive and help me live a useful and vibrant life–which is the main reason I signed up for the course.

      I also realize that forgetting helps me “remember”, which I think is one of the reasons why we have a memory at all. So I have come to value my “forgetting” and know that when I am in that mode, I can ask myself: which theme am I out of alignment with? And then redirect myself as needed, if I choose to do. This is a much gentler way to go about my life. I am noticing that my brain is like that “Whack A Mole” game in terms of the themes: when Desire is down, then Motivation pops up, and on and on and on!

      Curious to know how others in this course are integrating the material and themes into their daily practice?

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      Julie Mann


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      I found these on the UK amazon site. Maybe useful?

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      I love this idea Renee – your dedication is really inspiring!

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      What a great idea Renée. I have some flash cards and might just copy you. I’ve done post-it notes around my kitchen but this sounds more helpful to fine tune the points. Something to really focus on in the moment.

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      Julie Mann

      I became a teacher because I love school supplies. I love flashcards. Such a wonderful idea Renee. And Gillian those are very tempting…though I have a house full of supplies so will not purchase ;).

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