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      Hi Gillian! I would like to know your thoughts about eliminating flour and sugar (including all kinds of sweeteners) from your diet as it is advised in programs like Bright Line Eating or Food Addicts Anonymous etc. Do you also think that foods containing sugar and flour are addictive and cannot be eaten in moderation by people (like us) that are susceptible? Those programs also restrict the amount of food that you can eat at each meal (you have to plan precisely in advance what you are going to eat and you also have to weigh your food). Thanks in advance!

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      Bettina, I most certainly do think that flour and sugar are particularly addictive, but unlike the other programs you mention, I don’t encourage abstinence from them as the solution to your overeating. Same goes for weighing.

      Consider that there are other addictions where abstaining as the solution isn’t viable: internet, shopping, exercise, sex.

      With food, abstaining sets up an “all or none” relationship with food where you are either in rigid control or chaotically out of control. Much better to aim for something in between those extremes that you can live with because it’s flexible, as is life itself. That’s what I encourage you to aim for.

      I won’t be getting down to the details of HOW to do this until Week 6, though, and that’s because I need to cover other material first. Then, I’ll pull it all together and explain how to be “imperfect” just a bit sometimes without falling completely off the wagon. A bit of sugar now and then won’t kill you, yes?

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      Thought I’d add that what I’m proposing is that you will able to eat just a bit of addictive food from time to time if you integrate and use the Three Themes I’ve introduced so far in this course.

      If you’ve watched the videos of Client Stories, none of those people have gained control of their overeating through abstaining (from flour and sugar or anything else). Same is true of the testimonial videos on my site and introductory webinar from Jan 26th.

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      Thank you very much Gillian for your Response!

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      abstaining implies no choice! This concept is really starting to sink in. Its easy to understand from an intellectual perspective, but it is starting to sink in on a deeper level. And its true for so many areas of life, not just food.

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