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      Ann C

      Hi Gillian:

      I put the scale away and I can’t believe how hard it is!
      It is now SO obvious to me that my ONLY motivation was weight loss. I was eating less, I was working through my addictive desires by using the tools you taught us. But the bottom line is weighing myself was my way of seeing if I was ” doing this right” ( and yes, I have been losing weight weight consistently) but I missed the whole point of the program!

      Thank goodness I have access for a year. This is not happening for me over night. I am going to have to work, work, practice, practice to break this cycle of yo yo dieting.

      I am currently on week 2 again.

      Just thought I’d update you!😊

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      Sally G

      Hi Ann,
      I really relate you your post. I find it easier to imagine success and trust the plan when I am told what to do. After 40 years of yo-you dieting you would think that I would realised that wasn’t really a success. I also know that Gillian’s approach is a plan, that with consistency and perseverance can yield last changes and therefore results!

      I need to go back to the beginning too.

      Not sure if we are allowed to buddy up, but would always be happy to do that.


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      You may have made more progress already than you realise, as just waking up to the weight-based motivation is the biggest factor. And you are doing well with what you’re eating.

      Just keep an eagle-eye on non-weight motivations, write them down (often?) and make sure you keep them in mind.

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      There isn’t a buddy system in this course.

      I’ve given it a lot of thought in the past, but it’s not a good idea.

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      Ann C


      I do agree that I have made some progress. One thing I have figured out from all of the thinking I have put into this is that yes, I would like to lose weight. But MORE importantly I want the following:

      FREEDOM from constant thoughts of food (what will I eat next?)
      FEELING EMPOWERED (that the food does not control me)

      My whole life I have felt like I have been successful in so many different areas of my life but this was that “one thing” I just could not do. I could never stick to a diet until I reached a reasonable weight. I didn’t have the self control or willpower to do it.

      I am realizing now that it really IS within me to do this. And although parts of it are “hard”, parts of it are so incredibly freeing. I DON’T have to be perfect. I DON’T have to satisfy the urge to eat, that compulsion WILL eventually go away if I just feel it, don’t avoid it. I just need to keep practicing this.

      Gillian, I need your feedback on this:
      I have noticed at the store when I grocery shop, I see something that I really like (example: Frito corn chips). I pick up the bag, look it over, feel that overwhelming urge to buy them, then tell myself “I’m not going to get these today but maybe tomorrow I will come back. OR maybe I WILL buy them the next time we have company and I can have a few and let the guests finish the rest.”

      That seems to really work for me. I hate to ask this but is that what we are supposed to do? I may buy them when we have guests over. I may eat a few. That would be completely different from my usual of a) if on a diet, telling myself no, that is a bad food. Or b) when not on a diet, buying them and eating them alone and finish in a day or two.

      I have been doing this alot since learning the “this is just for now” way of giving myself actual choice. That seems to be a tool that really works for me. I don’t get that overwhelming sense of denial and deprivation.

      Any thoughts? Thanks!

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      Yes, getting the Fritos to share is a good idea and is exactly the sort of imperfect and sustainable tactic I recommend.

      I do wonder, though, about your motivation (capitalised above) as it seems to miss much that’s about physical well-being. I’m thinking you would have been eating a fair amount the last time you yo-yo-ed to gain those 60lbs or more. Carbs? Junk? Lots of it? Do you remember how you felt – your sleep, energy, digestive system, etc.

      You are eating low-carb, very little ultra-processed, and not a lot (as we discovered on Sunday). Maybe you’re not seeing the health benefit of all of that because it was all about weight loss up to now?

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      Ann C


      Thank you for the response. I have been overweight by anywhere between 50-80 lbs my entire life. I would join Weight Watchers and lose 20 of the 40 lbs, go off and gain back the 20 plus 10 or 20 more. I have not been at a ” normal weight” since I have been about 18.

      I am 58 years old and have been pretty lucky that my blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides up to the point have all been really good. I see a physician yearly and keep track of all of that.

      The only thing I have noticed, physically, is that while eating VERY low carb (20 g or less a day) that I don’t feel hunger that often.
      But I also don’t want to have to stick to 20 g of carbs a day for the rest of my life. I don’t desire to have to count all my macros etc forever. I just want to be able to eat lower carb lower sugar on a day to day but be able to enjoy the finer things when dining out, going on vacation etc.

      I want to eat a diet that consists of mostly, vegetables, fruits, good fats, proteins with an occasional splurge. And when and if I splurge, I would like to be able to enjoy it then just get back on to eating the way that makes me feel good about myself, my body and how I am fueling my body. Does that make sense?

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      Ann C

      May I also add that I rarely felt bloated or stuffed when I overate. I just ate WAY too much of the bad stuff. I still slept ok, complexion was good.

      It was more the emotional things that I felt bad about. Out of control. Sad because I couldn’t get a handle on it. I felt weak and ashamed.

      Hence the reason I think I am using the emotional motivations capitalized above.

      Make sense?

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      Yes, makes sense.

      Looks like you are doing really well at this point, and your insight into your motivation may well prevent your next potential yo-yo event.

      Now you’ve reviewed Week 1, you can see that exclusive focus on weight-loss is pretty much guaranteed to create yo-yo regain.

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      Penny E

      Hey Ann
      I haven’t weighted myself since early in this course.
      First of all I was going to put the scales away but then I deceided to leave them in the bathroom.
      When I feel the urge to get on them I just say to myself “that is an addictive desire to get on the scales” have a bit of a laugh and move on. I noticed the other day that even tho I see them every day I rarely think about them. They had such a strong hold over me for so long and now I don’t even care about them.
      One thing I do know for sure tho, and remind myself when I get a bit panicked that my pants feel too tight, is that I have so much to learn and it cant all be done in a few weeks or days like the weight loss giants promise. I know for sure that I dont like being overweight but now accept that it will come off gently and slowly as I learn how to manage my addictive desires.
      Thanks for sharing on Sunday night. I have just listened. It’s great when questions get asked and answered.

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      Ann C

      That scale is STILL put away. Really, really trying to only think about my non weight motivations. The pull to weigh myself is getting less and less.❤️

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      Awesome, Ann! My scale is still put away, too! : )

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