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      Hi Gillian and everyone,

      Sorry not to be on the webinar today, Gillian. I was on my way back after staying with a friend for the weekend. It was disastrous food-wise. I just ate huge amounts of everything and didn’t even think of applying any Times or Plans, or reminding myself of my non-weight motivation or choices. I feel very, very disappointed with myself. To cap it all, one of our children took a photo of me and my friend together, and I looked the size of a house in it (in my winter coat).

      The only redeeming feature of the weekend (food-wise) was that when I thought (on looking at the photo) “Oh my God I am so enormous, I have to lose weight” I then told myself, “No, you don’t, you can carry on pigging out and get even fatter. You don’t have to lose weight at all.”

      I think what I have learned from this weekend is that although I have had some successes in my day-to-day routine, getting out of that routine and doing something different – staying with a friend – meant that I would have really had to start from scratch in making those connections in my brain again. So I wasn’t able to bring across any of the gains I’d made in my weekday eating patterns.

      Looking forward to catching up with the webinar when it’s published.


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      Nicola, I especially appreciate your insight about not bringing across gains you’d made in your weekday patterns. That’s it, I think, and you may find the webinar replay for Week 5 – now on the site – hits the nail on its head for you.

      I don’t think you need to start right from scratch every time you’re in a different circumstance, but it certainly can seem a bit like that, and this Mindset video will explain, I think.

      Let me know if you have any questions, of course.

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      Dear Nicola and Gillian,

      I also was with a friend this weekend so could not attend the live session yesterday, I look forward to listening to it soon.
      Nicola I really understand where you are coming from re eating outside of normal routine…although I didn’t go “all out” I definitely did quite a bit of unconscious and unnecessary eating with my friend staying, I did manage to tell myself whilst eating the unnecessary things that I am free to overeat, not sure if that was helpful but hopefully….
      Anyway tomorrow is another day..

      Lucy. X

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      Thank you, Lucy and Gillian. I’m just about to catch up with the webinar, so I shall look forward to that.
      I keep reminding myself that I have ben overeating for a very long time and it will take work to undo this, it’s a process and I’m on a learning curve. Non-routine times have always been really hard for me as I see them as an escape from my rules…. I am meeting the same friend this weekend for dinner so I’m going to use a Plan for that and see if I can tackle the addictive desire to overeat on one occasion.
      Onwards! x

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      Nicola yes thats very pertinent….seeing non routine times as an escape from rules..thank you for that observation, it really made me think! X

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      Good luck with the weekend Nicola, let us know how you get on. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, this is learning time, not beating yourself up time.

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