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      Emily H

      I just realised I had a background belief that I am not free to choose to eat a very healthy lunch (fish and salad). This is because of fears of feeling deprived and stimulating addictive desire. Right now, what I’m please and intrigued to be doing is acknowledging that I AM free to choose a healthy lunch, AND at this stage of the course, I might not know how best to handle what thoughts and feelings arise afterwards. In this moment I am free to make that choice.
      And it now occurs to me that I wasn’t thinking at all about WHY I might want to eat fish and salad, i.e. thinking about possible non-weight benefits. I was obeying a programme of ‘I must eat healthy’.

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      And I bet there’s some form of “I mustn’t or shouldn’t eat” the unhealthy alternative you would have otherwise had for lunch?

      It’s just the flip side of the same coin, I think.

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      Cyndi B.

      Oh, love this trifecta, Emily- 1)the freedom to choose healthy, 2)the instructions to “just wait and see”, decide for just now / one choice at a time.. and 3) the understanding that you’re new / exploring / experimenting. Really inspiring.
      My habit of overeating (even healthy or especially healthy perhaps), is a preemptive strategy to avoid the dreaded future desire/insatiable hunger experience. Your words and use of the tools are spot on for engaging in the work. Thank you~

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