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      Sophia G.

      Hi Gillian and everyone,

      I’m trying to stick to 3 meals a day as good for my body, and I’m thinking things through every time I want to eat, sometimes taking quite a long time to go through the Desire technique especially at the end of meals, sometimes just more quickly but aware and choosing. I want to continue to build this new good habit.

      But I wonder if and when it will be ok to just have something ‘extra’, something small, without over-thinking it much, when the thing seems ‘obviously’ ok, e.g. a clementine.

      Is it ok to just grab a clem/etc pretty spontaneously and hardly think about it apart from noticing. I do notice.
      – Or is this the start of a slippery slope?

      It’s very early days at the moment, so at first look it might not be sensible. But on the other hand I do feel confident at the moment that the one clementine or etc won’t lead straight to a domino effect, and I think it would help me feel relaxed about my eating.

      What would you advise please?

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      This will be covered in Week 6, Sophia.

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