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      Eve K

      Good morning Gillian

      How do I best bounce back mentally and physically after choosing consciously to overeat??

      Thanks 🙏

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      That’s a great question, Eve.

      Mentally bouncing back is all about connecting with a sense of free choice: “That was my choice, and I’m free to eat that way any time, as often as I choose.” And notice the downside, which I think you’re doing, recognising that it’s a part of the choice you make to overeat.

      With bouncing back physically, it might be best to eat as you normally do, rather than try to compensate for the overeating, but not sure that’s so important as the connection with free choice.

      Speaking of which, I do wonder if there’s something about choice you’ve not seen yet? You say you were “choosing consciously to overeat” but I wonder if you would have felt like you were freely choosing if you hadn’t gone ahead with the overeating? It’s something to consider.

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      Georgia H

      Gillian this answer just opened up a new thought for me. If my choosing is not free to go in either direction, eating it or not eating it, then it’s not really a free choice!
      If I am feeling obsessed and compelled by addictive desire, then that is not a free choice!

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      Exactly, that’s it, Georgia.

      To put it another way, feeling obsessed and compelled is a sign or a symptom of not feeling free.

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      Eve K

      Hello gillian
      Do do you suggest I didn’t really choose to overeat? I just used the word because I learned it?
      Or do I not get your answer correctly?
      Thanks a lot

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      First of all, I never assume I know what’s going on in your mind, so any question is just that – an enquiry which might or might not lead to some helpful insight.

      What I was wondering about was the “consciously” part of “consciously choosing” – and of course it may well have been.

      Yet another analogy could be someone buying a house because they love the location, but unaware there’s a huge leak in the roof. There’s no doubt they made the free choice to buy it, but would they do the same if they’d known?

      So my question was intended to draw your attention to addictive desire. I don’t know, but your comments in the Week 3 Exploring Desire section suggest that you don’t feel free if/when you don’t satisfy it. It’s all about gaining awareness of what’s going on.

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