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      Hello Gillian
      I know it’s the Q&A tomorrow – sorry this question is coming a bit late in the day.
      Is it normal that food addiction is associated with other addictive behaviour? I have noticed that when I am likely to eat addictively, it comes alongside other behaviour I find addictive – my main examples being going on social media and wasting time, and flicking through TV channels and then going to bed too late. These are both to do with wasting time, and I am so cross with myself afterwards.
      I have noticed this week these things often come together – I start to eat addictively, then I have a desire to go on Facebook, which is something I really hate and don’t want to do.
      My question is, can I use the same technique to control my visits to social media? Or should I just deal with the desire to eat addictively, regardless of what accompanies it?
      Thank you.

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      Hi Louise,
      That’s a great question. I am wondering the same thing – my other addiction is a glass of wine (or 2!) in the evening which is so hard for me to give up and yet which I know wrecks my chances of weight loss. I’m hoping to be able to apply the material to my need for a glass of wine as well.
      Good luck!
      Nicola x

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