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      Gillian, I came across this exercise and your suggestion of doing it regularly. However, I’m not sure I understand it. From the examples, it looks like they are statements of what would happen if you make the choices you’d like to make, rather than the consequences of the choices you actually make. Is that right? So, if I want to eat fewer snacks in the afternoon, for example, a suitable statement might be something like: (If I own my choices about what I eat) I will enjoy my evening meal more. Regardless of whether or not I did in fact eat fewer afternoon snacks on that particular day. If so, presumably the reason is to reinforce your reasons for wanting to make that choice? Thanks for your help.

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      Hi Elizabeth,

      I’ve rewritten that exercise and moved it to Week 4 precisely because people were finding it confusing, as you have.

      I’d love to know where you found it – maybe in my book? I don’t think it’s on the May Course Dashboard until next week!

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      Thanks Gillian. I’ll leave it until next week then- it’s not as though I’ve mastered everything else!

      I came across it in a forum thread. It must have been quite recent- I didn’t go very far back- although of course your comment on the exercise may well have been quite a while ago. I can’t remember the details, but something in it made me think that the advice would be helpful to me too. It did refer back to your book, which I did then look at- but maybe I didn’t read enough of the context. I’ll find out next week!

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