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      Lou M

      Hi Gillian and All

      I listened again with insight into your advice about the ‘all or nothing’ aspect of following the Eating Less course perfectly.
      It resonated with me and I realised that ,for me, it is all about acceptance.
      I tend to be quite tough on myself and the inner voice can be very critical.
      Since starting the course ( FEBRUARY) , I have found much more self acceptance .Im much kinder to myself . This then feeds into nurturing myself, taking care of my health and not throwing in the towel when I don’t do things perfectly.

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      Cyndi B.

      Thank you, Lou~
      I found Gillian’s work and began the course just over a week ago. This morning after reviewing the course lessons so far, I noted that Gillian had pointed to the practice of self compassion already a couple of times, and that I’d beware of breezing over that instruction; thinking, there must be a common stumble around that.
      Your input about this is helpful.

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      I agree. I think it is easier when you get permission to be imperfect, and Gillian does it over and over…
      It is very nice to be at the end of the receiver. I am usually giving permission to others, but this last year I had such a difficult time with the many restrictions that I lost much of my self-kindness, and I didn’t even realized it until I jumped( literally) in this course. Gillian is the ‘good mother’ who gives us permission to be ourselves, exactly as we are, struggles, demands, tantrums, size, etc.

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