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      I am having trouble with a little bit of overwhelm. I am in the habit of planning my food 24 hours in advance due to some groups I have been a part of in the past that have encouraged this as a way to lose weight. I rarely follow this said plan throughout the day anyways and am beginning to question this habit as a useful tool for me anymore. I was wondering if you personally do a daily food log. I am thinking about switching more to writing what I did eat and how it makes me feel so I can gear myself more towards the non weight related outcomes you speak of. I’m thinking that these daily plans have been a way of locking myself in a cell and I rebel and not follow them and overeat despite actually having free choice and my thoughts around that free choice is what I really want to continue to develop. Also, my other question is how long would you suggest to work on just one thing before we move onto the next? For example, my first thing I want to work on is my overeating at dinner and I want to start using Plans as a way to do that. Would you say just when I have a good grasp on my addictive desire after dinner, then I can proceed to my next issue to work on?

      As always, thanks for everything you do and all that you put into this course! I can tell you take great time and effort into helping all of us!

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      “I was wondering if you personally do a daily food log.” No I don’t, as I don’t see any value or purpose in it.

      “How long would you suggest to work on just one thing before we move onto the next?” As you say, just when you have a good grasp on the addictive desire after dinner, when it becomes less troublesome, less effort required because you have adjusted to the smaller meal and that’s what you now expect. There isn’t a specific time as everybody is different – and every time you address a particular desire around a particular behaviour it will be different.

      Good to hear you are finding this helpful.

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      lara w

      Hello Jessica,

      I’m so happy you posted this. I have been in that kind of a food program twice before and was very successful losing the weight, but for me it wasn’t sustainable and I always ended up rebelling and bingeing even more than before. It was vey discouraging. (These were 12-Step programs.) I’m find Gillian’s way much more sustainable, as I’m actually developing the neuroplasticity to change my behavior around food, not getting “locked in a box” of rules. And yet, my free choices are remarkably healthy, nourishing, and satisfying without overeating. Mind you, I’m only on my 3rd day of this realization and practice, but I have a feeling that Gillian’s program is the key to unlocking my brain!

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