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      Hi Gillian!
      I’m loving the concepts you teach. They make so much sense.
      Putting them into practice is coming not as quickly as I’d like, however.
      I’ve had some successes.
      Tonight, I had the automatic habit response about 9pm to have a huge bowl of sugar cereal.
      It’s like I was a robot and just gave in, and then one bowl more.
      It’s like I was asleep, but I have done that before and for some reason again.
      Where do I go from here? How do I learn from this?
      Tomorrow I will want to eat perfectly. Do I have a bowl of cereal mid-day (my only trigger time is late at night), just to prove to myself I can?
      I really don’t even like cereal in my pre-frontal cortex!
      Thanks for your help on how to recover when i feel physically ill, and ashamed, to boot. 🙂

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      Hi Liz

      Thanks for being the first in this course to post a question. The first of many, I hope.

      Having a bowl of cereal at any time of day, “just to prove to myself I can” may not be your best way forward. I’ll talk about this in Session 2.

      It will be important, though, for you to break your “perfect” eating during the day, and we’ll get to that later in the course.

      Your question refers to quite a bit we haven’t covered yet. I think you enrolled on the May course, but it will be best for everyone (including you) to go through the material, step by step. Is that okay with you?

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      Sounds great, Gillian.
      Thank you. Breaking “perfect eating” is definitely something I need to work on.
      Even “perfect overeating”. I find myself having a cookie or candy and want to “perfectly overeat” instead of just having a cookie and not making it a big deal.

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      Maybe your first step will be to aim for being less rigid during the day? Not necessarily with your cereal ‘binge-food’, maybe just any kind of food?

      My guess is this pattern of restriction in the day and overeating at night is driven by weight loss as the priority. If this makes sense to you, I hope you’re taking a good look at all the material in Week 1.

      It’s not at all uncommon, by the way.

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