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      Hi Gillian

      I stopped smoking some years ago now, thanks to your book on how to quit. I’ve also been working on overeating for a few years but of course it’s more difficult as I have to keep eating to stay alive. I’ve read your book on eating less many times so I’m familiar with a lot of the concepts you give in the course, but it’s much more powerful to have this direct connection with you. The webinars are so valuable, and you put the ideas across really well. Also the MP3 of how to deal with addictive desire is brilliant.

      A couple of nights ago I got my usual ‘got to eat before I go to bed’ craving. It was really bad, but I worked through the ‘instructions’ and the craving just evaporated. I was amazed – almost wanted it to come back again so I could do it again! Next night I waited for the usual craving and it didn’t come. Can it happen this quickly?

      Last night, out to dinner I chose to eat freely. I was wanting more pudding, but there was only one slice left and I felt I couldn’t eat it as it would have looked greedy. So I thought ‘well I can eat as much as I want when I get home’. On the way home I realised I was craving again – in rebellion at feeling deprived about that last slice of pud. So followed the formula, and as the craving subsided realised I was still very full and really didn’t need to eat anything else.

      So I think I’m making progress – certainly with bed time cravings. I guess I have to carry on and tackle overeating at meals next. One step at a time?

      One thing I find difficult is how to login in to the course from your website or the eatinglessonline website. Any advice?

      Anyway, a million thanks, and I’m really glad I signed up for the course. Thanks to everyone else who contributes as well.


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      Hi Jackie – wonderful to read this email from you. Yes, it can be that quick to change, but not always and not necessarily for everyone. Impossible to predict, but be optimistic about this progress.

      “I guess I have to carry on and tackle overeating at meals next. One step at a time?” Yes, absolutely one step at a time, but do notice your “I have to” statement there. If you don’t notice it, you’re not able to challenge it. You don’t have to carry on and tackle anything!

      Best to log in to this course from – is that what you meant by “your website”? Let me know whatever problem you have with that.

      I’m very pleased to hear the course is worthwhile for you – and not finished yet!

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      Hi Jackie,

      How fascinating that you used Gillian’s techniques to quit smoking! And interesting that you find ending overeating harder (because we can’t go cold turkey…). I loved reading your story.

      Nicola x

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      Ha! I didn’t notice that ‘have to’. Thanks for pointing it out Gillian. The information about choice and the effect of authoritarian parents made me realise how much of my life has been spent in a state of rebellion. Not just about eating but about many other things.

      And thanks for your comment Nicola, it was lovely, and very encouraging to see that.

      Looking forward to the next part of the journey.

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