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      hello Gillian and everyone.
      I’ve been revisiting the course modules and am pleased to report that my motivation is non-weight focused. I’ve recently proved to myself that sugar and dairy make me ill. It has been so good to have that clear in my mind. I’ve worked through my AD several times by the method suggested. I reinforce at every opportunity that I can choose to have sugar and dairy if I want to to. But reminding myself of the consequences. I’m now at the stage where I am automatically choosing healthier foods and no longer have the AD to eat sugar or dairy. So my question is have I fallen in to compliance or is automaticity an actual thing where you no longer make a choice consciously. It just happens. Hopefully I’m explaining this well enough…does it make sense?
      I am eating less and I am comfortable with ‘good enough’ and not being perfect. I feel I have made great progress but do worry a bit that I’ve become compliant and am conning myself. Thank you.

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      Wow, that’s quite a breakthrough, Mo. Amazing.

      Tough to say if there’s any compliance going on, but I will speak a bit about this in the Q&A webinar this evening. Replay of course will be posted on Monday if you’re not with us live.

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      Thanks Gillian. I look forward to hearing more. See you shortly.

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