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      Dear Gillian,

      i hope i am not to late with my questions for tonight.

      I am still listening to your webinars on a daily basis.Some material clicked easy for me other took some time to get a real understanding. I learned to handle my addictive desire very well and i am VERY happy with my learning curve.
      So my question is: Are the webinars the same in your next course? I mean will you keep most of the slides or will it always be a bit different?

      Second question: By now i am aware of a lot of triggers that increase my addictive desire to overeat and i am not in trouble to accept it in that moment and continue with my life.
      But I still get it some trouble when it comes to situations where my self-confidence is very low. I am doing an internship in a hospital and the way people talking to each other can be rough sometimes. And if criticism hits me i feel so stupid that few hours later i see myself sitting in the car and getting a huge desire to eat. Its not that i am doing it but it feels really miserable to deal with it.
      Any thoughts or advice ?

      I will be there tonight as well but for whatever reason i can not chat with you. Maybe my phone makes trouble.

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      Hi Elena

      I’ve rescheduled the Q&A Webinar for September 29th due to an internet breakdown for me this weekend. I’m posting this using my neighbour’s wifi – which isn’t a good enough connection for a webinar 🙁

      First question: each webinar series is a bit different but fundamentally the same – there are some clients who watch every single webinar I do and they tell me I do get better at delivering the material every time.

      Second question: my thoughts are that this is common and really very tough for everyone. I am going to speak about overeating and self-confidence in my next introductory webinar, which will be on October 13 – so you might want to watch out for that one. Replays always available.

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      Hello Elena – and of course anyone else reading this 🙂

      When you have a rough time at work you might find it useful to listen to these self-compassion exercises:


      They are free audios to download and put onto your phone. There are seven, each one between 5 and 25 minutes long.

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