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      Dear Gillian, thank you for your brillant answer to my question.
      You were totally right with your answer. Yes, i did this low carb diet before I went to your course and learned so many new aspects and the three themes.
      But: it is good that you often said yesterday that it is my decision how to eat. My relationship to food advice is very ambivalent. On the one hand I rebel against it and on the other hand I can quickly adopt a rigid attitude. Just trying something out and seeing how it gets me to eat this or that isn’t very developed. I can’t play with it loosely yet and be curious.
      I also know that over the years there has been a lot of good advice, apparently well documented: low fat, low carb, lot of protein and so on…
      Therefore I am suspicious …
      And it seems to be a task for me to pay close attention to myself here.
      I am currently happy when I can recognize and work through my addictive desire. I eat much less sweets, in the evening I snack much less.
      That’s great.
      Once I’ve established this, then maybe I can take further steps.

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      This sounds great, Gunici, and I remember you’ve already had some excellent results from your doctor that confirm you’ve made some good changes already.

      Do you have the saying in your language, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”?

      I keep in mind that it’s taken me years to get where I am today.

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