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      Hi Gillian.

      In yesterday’s session, you told me I shouldn’t use hungry as a guide to decide when to eat. You also recommend me to read your free book on intuitive eating. I read it last night and I have some questions related to expectations. And it’s pretty in line with the Pavlov’s salivating dogs. For example, now it’s 6:30 am here. I would like to have breakfast at 8am but I am sure that around 7am I will be craving to eat and I will not be able to delay it for one more hour. I guess this is because as I’ve had breakfast at 7am before, I believe it’s allowed although I don’t want to do that. So how can I change my expectations in this case? How can I understand that until 8am I am not going to eat. I try to repeat myself I own my choice but, still, I am feeling hungry but I am not sure this is the expectation’s effect or real hunger. I hope I got across my point clearly. Thanks for your support. Anna.

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      Hi Anna,

      You have observed and described this very well. I’ll be speaking about Pavlov in our next webinar and much more about our third core theme of Desire (which includes hunger, craving, compulsion, impulse, etc).

      You ask if your feeling of hunger at 7am comes from your expectation of having breakfast then (Pavlovian conditioning) or if it’s real hunger. In fact it could be both at the same time, or one or the other.

      I don’t think there’s a way to know for sure. What you call “real hunger” is itself (at least in large part) an expectation of eating; it’s the beginning of the digestive process when the body anticipates the arrival of food and gets ready to process it.

      Much more about this on Sunday.

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