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      Hi Gillian

      Sian’s post has prompted a question from me for Sunday’s seminar.

      Like her, I make most of my meals from scratch and they are a lot healthier than in the past, eg more vegetables, fewer grains, better quality ingredients. I also make myself healthier puddings, cakes and biscuits than I would otherwise eat, and I try not to make or eat them too often.

      I wanted to ask what your take is on alternatives to cane sugar? In sweet recipes, have been using some of the alternatives such as maple syrup, agave syrup, coconut sugar, and date syrup. Would you say these are ok in moderation, or really no different from the more usual cane sugar? They are marketed as being somehow ‘better’ (they certainly cost more!), but is that just marketing flimflam?

      Thank you.

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      Renée L

      Hi Louise,

      Just reading your post here. There is a lot of great research available on the web about sweeteners (essentially carbohydrates). Diet is one such resource that comes to mind. Dr. Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code has also talked extensively about this. I am sure a Google search will pull up a lot of information.

      I can also recommend a book by Gary Taubes called, “The Case Against Sugar”. VERY eye opening!

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      Thank you Renee, that’s really helpful. I am old enough to remember John Yudkin’s book coming out, called I think Pure, White and Deadly – it was about sugar and how bad it is for us. John Yudkin was absolutely lambasted in the press, including by his medical colleagues, but of course we are now seeing how right he was all along.

      I definitely like the sound of Gary Tauber’s book. Although I am eating fewer carbs, I don’t intend to go full low carb or keto, because it is likely to send me into perfection and compliance, but I am really enjoying understanding more about nutrition, and feeling loads better already as a result of the changes I’ve made.

      Hope to ‘see’ you on Sunday!

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