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      Hello everyone and Gillian,
      Today afternoon I was in the supermarket making some food shopping, and I met a friend whith whom I talk frequently but we have not seen each other for a while because of the lockdown.
      And, I have had a very shocking conversation that was all around weight. I ask her how she were doing and right away she told me she just starting a diet 10 days ago, lost 1 kg, and was looking for some cookies because the nutritionist just told her she can eat that once a week.
      It was like 15 minutes of talking about nothing but weight loss and restriction amd dieting and I felt so helpless because I did not know what to do/think/say.
      Please, do not misunderstand me, I do not want to judge anyone, but I really do not know how to deal with this kind of situations to avoid that affects me.
      It has taken me so much time to go away from the scale and still have some temptations especially when I think I am losing weight.
      The only thing I could told to her is that I have decided some time ago not to check my weight without explaining to much. And if a I look back, when I did it, most of the times were for either disappointment, to put more pressure or if losing any grams, use it as an excuse to eat st sugary or fatty, then more and more and go back to the starting place over and over again. Not to mention the failure and guilty feeling..
      I remember the advice to playing down to outside, but how to deal with it inside my head is another issue.

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      Ana, this is one great example of how things out there in the real world are viewed so differently. There are likely to be many times like this, where you are reminded of how weight and weight loss are the huge priority for so many. What you do inside your head, I suggest, is to remind yourself of your non-weight benefits – privately of course. This is what I mean by taking a stand – in this case on motivation.

      And by the way, I find that a few comments about health and nutrition often kills a weight loss conversation!

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      Hi Ana, I often stopp this kind of conversation with saying: oh wonderful, and how is your family? Every thing o.k. at work?
      I try to change the theme, and not to listen too long to weight loss stories of others.
      Greetings gunici

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      Julie Mann

      Gunici that is awesome. And Gillian thank you for the reminder that in our minds, when these types of conversations arise, it’s our chance to redirect to our non-weight benefits. That every time we think about weight, as in if/when someone else brings it up, that’s our cue to think about these more important, immediate, and long lasting NSVs.

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      Yes what a great thread, really helpful points thanks all

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      Julia R

      Yes, I love the connection—focusing/redirection to the non-weight reasons, not only for myself when I think about my size-weight-shape, but when others start a conversation about dieting. Thank you that is so helpful!

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