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      Lou M

      Hi All
      Firstly , I wanted to endorse Gillians course as a really sensible way of re training my brain. For me , it is the second course I have done.. perhaps I am one of those people that need repetition in order to change my mind set , however it does work for me. Thanks Gillian.
      I just re listened to last weeks webinar replay.
      There were some questions about how to refuse , without guilt or awkwardness, the offer of food AKA cake !
      I really related to this. Its not easy when the food ‘pusher’ says things like ” you don’t need to loose weight”,
      or ” go on , you know you want to ! ” etc, etc.
      I am left feeling like a slightly sanctimonious kill joy ! I have trained myself to be relaxed about refusing cake and asking if I might take it home for later .. I then have the choice to eat it or bin it.

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      Sally G

      Hi Lou,
      I never say I am on a diet/watching what I eat etc as it seems to give the green light to people to push harder!!

      I simply say “I’m not hungry thanks”. Powerful words as it is weird surely for someone to then keep pushing you to eat more when you are not actually hungry. In my case, this has been quite successful. It also keeps the conversation away from diet and appearance.

      Good luck and thanks for your feedback re repeating the course. I think after a lifetime of dieting, it is common to expect the course to work instantly and that repeating it would be considered a failure. I just think that is diet mentality kicking in. This course is all about self-care for me so the more the better!

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