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      I recognise that a decision to eat/ not eat a food is also a decision to accept the accompanying consequences- but consequences are not black and white, and some people can eat a wider range or more of certain foods without the same consequences. I have become aware of some frustration/ resentment with my body that I cannot eat as much (or any) of some foods I like, without the consequences I don’t like, as some other people can (for example, my husband!). Do you have suggestions for dealing with this? Thanks.

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      I find myself trying to read between the lines, guessing at what you are saying. Does:
      “…some people can eat a wider range or more of certain foods without the same consequences” mean:
      “my husband eats more refined carbohydrates and/or manufactured food than I do without gaining weight as easily as I do.”

      Is this correct, and is this what you feel resentful and frustrated about?

      If so, I’m wondering if you take into consideration the health consequences quite independent of body fat. I’d be interested to hear what you think of my video at 1.4 Weight & Health. And to answer your question, I’d deal with this by taking into consideration the whole picture, not just appearance. Do let me know if I’ve misunderstood.

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