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      Sophia G.

      Hi gang,

      I’m repeating the course after doing the Feb one, and I took the theory and techniques on board and it’s changing my life. Such a relief, so much. This time I’m following the course again but staying in the background much more than the first time around.

      But I just want to share that I’m finding it so useful to hear again, from Gillian’s videos/webinars, things which I’d already started to – not quite forget, but let fall away rather –
      I have been getting a bit complacent and it is so very easy to slip into old lazy patterns. At least it is for me. And I am lazy. Including coasting when a method seems ‘good enough’..

      So I have been realising, and today it has really come home to me more, that I need to really proactively think things through properly, including actively remembering the consequences of various options – e.g. 3 yummy Asda almond ice creams, OR zero yummy Asda almond ice creams – that quickly give me digestive problems, make me really low in mood, and make me actually a bit shaky, as well as reinforcing the bad habit and making it harder to not choose that next time. I need to deliberately remember – and to Remember to Remember !

      It’s all to do with Thinking, for me, and Thinking Through is not a skill I have used much in my life really, and it makes all the difference with this over-eating thing.

      So I just thought I would share this with you guys, and the key right now for me involves being proactive, being thorough, and actually implementing the techniques, including when I’ve ‘got it’ so that I don’t slip like I did today. (Although I am very much Not a Perfectionist, which is a fortunate thing for me in this context at least.. I don’t stress about the odd slip and I have fairly frequent ‘treats’.. but enough is enough sometimes..)

      I’d forgotten how those cheap ice creams hurt my teeth and do horrid things to my poor tummy. And may keep me awake tonight. And all because I hadn’t thought properly about the consequences which I should know well enough by now if only I had actively thought about them and remembered those consequences to then include in my choice.

      Live and learn.. (and I am.)

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      Hi Sophia,

      Thanks for this, and I thought I’d add that along with “Remembering” which is a great thing to do, maybe it’s also about making mistakes from time to time, fully accepting that “Forgetting”, and eating in a way you later regret, is entirely possible.

      The truly wonderful thing is that this hasn’t sent you off track, and that’s SO crucial. There’s no “all-or-none” there for you, and after the ice creams, you don’t even think this course was a waste of time, you’ve blown it now for ever and had better look around for another diet to follow (one with very big rules about Asda).

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      Sophia G.

      Thanks for that, Gillian.. That is actually reassuring, tho I didn’t think I needed reassurance, but yet it is – and all true. O I couldn’t bear to do another diet ever again. Thank God I haven’t ever got to try. I was rarely any good at the horrid things anyway..

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